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The Learning Experience

Being Clear: Knowing Possibilities of Professional Coaching Brings to Peer Recovery Coaching

Host: Jorea M. Kelley Hardison, Nationally Certified Psychiatric Technician

Original Conference Date: June 16, 2015

Conference session: 1 hour, 6 minutes

PARfessionals 2015 office physical location: Columbus, GA

Credentialed consultants’ fees were underwritten by Impact Investors, The A.R. SJM Family.Participating credential consultants: Gail Whipple, ICF Accredited Coach Gail Tucker Whipple, MTP, PCC , (California), Julie Row Cotton, MSW, MLIS, (New York) , and Dr. Nancy Greer, PM-PRC, PRS, CNC, DVA, SCA, LC, VA, PhD, (Texas).

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Global Healthcare Impact

Deloitte provides an annual look at the topics, trends, and issues impacting the global health care sector. According to its 2017 Global Healthcare Sector Outlook Infographic, "Peer support, self-management education, health coaching, and group activities, along with workforce training, and investments in the right technology" are " potential enablers of patient activation and engagement" and " key ingredients for productive health care operations".

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