In 2015, PARfessionals training school closed after leaving the Cunningham Center at Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia. The following year, PARfessionals partnered with QuizWorks International of The Netherlands, to underwrite the cost of PARfessionals' specialized Peer Service Provider/Arts in Medicine vocational training to 300,000 persons (50,000 per month) from global humanitarian organizations and the healthcare field. Unfortunately, the training was cancelled but PARfessionals has released various curriculum kits for the development of Peer Recovery high school and college-level training programs.

A " college credit" application for the Charter Oak State College (CCAP) " Special " Credit Registry program for professional certification or development is still being pursued with Charter Oak State College.

Charter Oak State College offers a credit evaluation and record-keeping service that provides registrants with free lifetime transcripts and college credit, if any for $128.00.

In the meanwhile, Jorea's is planning her upcoming textbook of APPLIED FORENSIC PEER SERVICE VOCATIONAL TRAINING FOR GLOBAL HEALTHCARE PROVIDER CERTIFICATION for release in 2020. #SoleAUTHORCanada.



Jorea M. Kelley Hardison, B.S., M.A.(c), NCPT-4

Nationally Certified Psychiatric Technician-Level 4/Social Impact Artist

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Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools and Colleges #E4458 (Transfer Granted to Arkansas)


Clinical Behavorial Health Training Curriculum State Approved by the Arkansas Substance Abuse Certification Board and Globally Approved by The American Academy of Health Care Providers in the Addictive Disorders, an international board of licensed healthcare providers.

"Created in 1988, the American Academy of Health Care Providers in the Addictive Disorders is an international credentialing body devoted to establishing and upholding the HIGHEST standards for the provision of treatment in the addictive disorders."